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Through physical healing prayer ministry and the power of intercession (coming into agreement), we assist others in their disposition of receptivity to meet Jesus in whatever gift He wants to give them. Not only do they experience love from the prayer team, but they are often able to receive a measurable level of healing or complete healing!


God always says yes! to heal. However, His way of healing can look different for each individual. We have personally seen immediate healing, miraculous acceleration in healing, and delayed healing (a person discovers a healing suddenly in days or weeks after the prayer team). Sometimes, our healing comes after we die, when we are made new in the presence of God. We trust all to the wisdom of God, and how He knows each person so intimately and how best to draw them into relationship with Him and ultimately to share relationship in heaven forevermore.


We have been amazed to be witnesses of more than 100 miracles, and to have heard testimonies of 100s more. Heaven is still open (after the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan) and we celebrate that we live in a time where the floodgates of mercy are open and miracles are being poured out every day!


We pray, hope, and don’t worry. (St. Padre Pio) As we continue to ask for Jesus to heal our infirmities, our hope grows as we anticipate more and more the greater gift that we are getting ready to receive. Our heart expands and our disposition to receive this healing love from Jesus increases! 


Don’t wait! Ask Jesus now in your personal prayer. Ask for others to join you as intercessors. We encourage you to schedule a prayer team appointment and discover what God wants you to receive in this way, too.


Paige, Aberdeen, SD Experiences Healing in Ankle

Here are some physical healings we have witnessed! There has been so, so many, and hundreds more that we have heard of from witnesses. To God be the Glory, now and forevermore!  We are simply partnering with Him and it is in His name, and His Glorious Triumph, that people experience healing through intercession and commands of healing in the Name of Jesus.  Sometimes it is immediate, sometimes accelerated, and sometimes the miracles happen a day or week or so after the prayer! We are so grateful for the medical professionals, also, and their partnering of their compassion with the Heart of the Father!

Throat/Swallowing Healed, Aberdeen, SD 2021

She was having a lot of pain and difficulty swallowing…a healing prayer team prayed with her and she kept saying over and over…now it is GONE!  Thank you!


Stomach Pain/Anxiety Healed, Aberdeen, SD 2021

She felt a pain in her stomach and some anxiety. After the prayer team, it isn’t there anymore!


Knot on Thigh Healed, Aberdeen, SD 2021

He had a large knot above his knee that prevented him from kneeling.  He had sought medical attention and they couldn’t do anything. The person on prayer team was moved in compassion that he should be playing on the floor with his little boy. After prayer, he was able to jump and do lunges!

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