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Sunrise over the Wheat Field




President, Mina, SD

   Mike is a native of Aberdeen, South Dakota, husband, father of 9, and grandfather of 7. He has been active in various aspects of ministry since high school and has a great love for the Church. He attained a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling where he worked with individuals,

families, and multiple ethnic groups predominantly in the fast paced ever-changing environment of treatment centers.

   The Lord eventually lead him out of the counseling field and into service of the church through DRE / youth ministry work / Newman Center ministry. Mike has a passion for helping others find their true identity in the Lord as well as forming a relationship of constant

communication with him.

   Mike’s life, and that of his family, has been transformed by the events and  the two year school of discipleship and Evangelization and leadership training through Encounter Ministries and he is dedicated to helping others experience the fullness of life that the Lord is offering. He loves to dive into the practical application of our faith to our everyday lives so that we can be a transforming force in the world around us. It is his deep desire to live, and teach others how to live, in such a way that others know how the Lord loves them simply by interacting with us!

   Mike has also completed Catherine of Siena Institute for Called & Gifted charism discernment as well as the Heart of the Father: Unbound Freedom in Christ, Basic Training, and Advanced Training to be equipped further in Inner Healing ministry and ministry to church staff/volunteers.



Communications, Mina, SD

   Tammy is a homeschooling mom of nine with four children yet in the home. Her passion for evangelism began after high school, joining N.E.T. ministries for a year. During that year, worship through music became a very intimate way to enter into child-like joy, surrender and union with God. Her favorite place to be is attending Holy Mass with her family.

   Tammy’s passion for teaching others and sharing testimony about Jesus’ transforming love has been a theme of the last 30 years, through giving talks on Fatima and the Saints, marriage, Christian dating and assisting in various retreats. She is most excited to share and help others discover the transformation she has experienced through Encounter Ministries two year school of Discipleship and Evangelization and leader training! The solid and mature formation processes, coupled with the community of prayer support, solidified her identity in the Father’s love, promoted inner healing and renewal of mind and understanding of the particular charisms the Father is cultivating.

   She is thrilled to be a part of empowering disciples through God’s love, so that all in our sphere of influence can be invited to receive Jesus’ love and enter into fellowship with the lover of our souls. In her free time, she loves to network people together, as well as to get out in nature, especially on a good day-hike! 

   Tammy has also completed Catherine of Siena Institute for Called & Gifted charism discernment as well as the Heart of the Father: Unbound Freedom in Christ, Basic Training, and Advanced Training to be equipped further in Inner Healing ministry and ministry to church staff/volunteers. 



Vice-President, Mina, SD

   Cole is the son of Mike and Tammy and is the fourth child out of the eight. He had a life changing encounter with the Lord on a Going Deeper retreat when he was seventeen years old. Since then, Cole has been very involved in his faith, attending many retreats and various trainings on ministry. His desire to share the love of God grew over the years but he really found his passion in ministry when he became a year - round Lumen Christi Missionary for the Diocese of Sioux Falls.

   To this day, Cole is very passionate in helping others learn to hear the Lord’s voice in their everyday lives and to realize the blessings God is speaking over them.

   Cole loves the outdoors and all activities the summer might hold, especially hiking. He also has Lonely Goat Soap business as something he does on the side with others in his family.

   Cole has completed the two year Encounter school  of Discipleship and Evangelization and leadership training, as well as the Heart of the Father:Unbound Freedom in Christ, Basic Training, and Advanced Training to be equipped further in Inner Healing ministry and ministry to church staff/volunteers. He has studied and been formed in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.



Auxiliary Support Staff, Wentworth, SD

   As a Beloved Daughter of God and Spiritual Director, I am extremely blessed with my husband Jeff, two sons (Zak and Nik), a daughter-in-law (Phebe) and two grandsons (Ezra and Axel). Inflamed with God’s love I am clay in the Potters’ hands and have given God permission to mold and use me to guide individuals into His Kingdom. The Holy Spirit is the true director as He prompts souls to respond to God’s will, model Christ’s and Mary’s lives, and take each step out of love for the other.

   I teach directee to hear the voice of God and the promptings of the Holy Spirit. My ignited faith, spiritual joy and holy boldness to share Jesus Christ’s healing presence and the power of the Holy Spirit was set ablaze during my first Encounter School of Healing training in the spring of 2018. I left with a resonating joy in my heart desiring to share what I had received.

   My primary charisms are counsel, teaching, intercessory and healing prayer and encouragement. Additional ministry and training includes: spiritual and physical healing prayer, directing Ignatian Silent Retreats and other Catholic retreats, Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, The Matthew Ministry, Catherine of Siena Institute for Called & Gifted charism discernment, and Basic Directions in Native Ministry from the Sioux Spiritual Center. Originally from South Dakota, we returned after I retired from an active duty Army career as a dietitian of 22+ years.



Auxiliary Support Staff, Brookings, SD

   Rachel Mark is a blessed wife (to Scott) and mom of a toddler. She holds a Master of Divinity from St. John's University in Collegeville, MN and had served for many years in youth and campus ministry in Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota. 

   In the last several years, the Lord has called her into a new ministry of healing prayer, where she meets with individuals for both physical and inner healing. In May of 2022, she completed a Certificate in Healing and Prophetic Ministry from the Encounter School of Ministry in Brighton, Michigan. 

   She feels honored to be able to partner with the Holy Spirit and journey with people receiving healing.  She is constantly amazed at the work the Lord is doing to heal people's hearts and bring them into a closer relationship with Himself!   Rachel and Scott also serve as the Assistant Liaisons for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal for the Diocese of Sioux Falls.

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