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Restoration Ministries of South Dakota is a Catholic nonprofit with the goal of teaching and equipping all Christians to be missionary disciples. We offer trainings and personal ministry to parishes, groups and individuals on identity in Christ, hearing the voice of God, physical and inner healing, and how to engage the world around us in order to advance the Kingdom of God.

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We are transformed in our mindset of how we see ourselves and our gifts, our world around us and our good Father in heaven. 

When we encounter God, He invites us to deepen our relationship with Him. When we spend time in prayer, we learn to discern God’s voice from our own and other influences in our own prayer life.


Through physical healing prayer ministry and the power of intercession, we assist others in
their disposition of receptivity to meet Jesus in whatever gift He
wants to give them.


Inner Healing yields such amazing fruit of new life and new freedoms, even after decades of struggle!


RM of SD offers the following services:​

  • Healing services

  • Formation in Identity, Hearing God’s Voice, Discipleship and Evangelization

  • Prayer Ministry Sessions in person or via Zoom for Physical Healing

  • Prayer Ministry Sessions in person or via Zoom for Inner Healing and Freedom in Christ

  • Mentorship in the Faith

  • Unbound: Freedom in Christ conference series with Prayer Ministry

  • Unbound: Freedom in Christ Inner Healing Prayer Ministry Sessions in person or via Zoom

  • Healing Seminars to train disciples to offer healing prayer to others

  • Prophesy: Hearing God’s Voice Seminars to train disciples to hear God’s voice for themselves and in their ministry call to share the love of the Father with others

  • Meditative Rosary Making or Sacrifice Bead/One Decade Rosary Making Crafts for groups

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